Friday, September 3, 2010

♥.•*•Featured Treasure: lilkt384•*•.♥

Today's interview features Katie of lilkt384, also known as Katie's Vintage Jewelry & Things.  Katie's shop is full of beautiful vintage jewelry and home decor but she also recycles different materials into calendars.

You can see Katie's love for vintage in both her avatar and banner.   Both display beautiful pieces of jewelry which I am guessing are a couple of her favorites. Speaking of favorites, I must show you a couple of beautiful brooches:

Flower Brooch

Yellow Flowers Brooch
Both pieces are just beautiful pieces for an excellent price. Can you tell that I kind of favor the brooches?

Her is one of Katie's recycled calendars designed around Christmas.

Christmas Calendar
Didn't she do a wonderful job on this calendar?

Now that we have seen a few of Katie's treasures, I think it is time to meet the lady.

1) Tell us something about yourself
My name is Katie. I work for a municipality in South Carolina. I created my shop because I had such a great time browsing this site and I loved the idea of sharing my love for vintage with the rest of the Etsians. I also work with paper crafts, recycled/upcycled crafts, and other similar projects in my spare time.

2) How did you get started crafting and how long have you been doing it?
I've been doing paper crafts for about 10 years. I've been so busy with invitations and scrapbooks for friends and family the last couple years that I haven't been able to display much of that on my site. I hope to get some of that work on my site this fall/winter.

3) Where does the name of your shop come from?
The name of my shop was from my email name when I signed up for the site. I did not anticipate opening up my own shop at the time, but when I chose to do so I just decided to stick with it.

4) Briefly describe what you make.
 I sell a lot of vintage, but I also enjoy working with pieces of broken vintage jewelry and paper crafts. I make magnetic calendars from recycled materials, brooches, magnets, cards, etc.

5) What inspires and motives you to keep crafting?
 I have a pretty stressful job and my crafting gives me a release from that stress. I truly enjoy sharing my work with others.

6) Do you have a favorite piece or design that you make? 
 My favorite piece so far is actually a decoupage wood coat rack. I recently sold another wood decoupage item and the buyer was thrilled with the piece.

Wood Coat Rack

 7) What would you most want people to know about your work?
 Everything in my shop has a story behind it and a lot of heart has been put into the handmade items. I just love to sell stuff that makes people happy!

8) Where can people find you?

I'll be branching to some other sites eventually, but haven't done so yet :)

9) Is there anything else you want to share, a bit of advice or something you have learned since selling on Etsy that would benefit other sellers?

Get involved and get to know other Etsy crafters. They are your best resource! I've met some wonderful people on Etsy and they have been extremely helpful.

Katie, Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better!

Please visit Katie's shop soon!

Thanks for visiting our blog!
Hugs, Kim

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