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♥.•*•Featured Treasure: AccessoryLove•*•.♥

This feature interview is with Sarah of AccessoryLove.  By visiting her shop, you can see just how much she loves making earrings.  She has a way with pop tab bracelets,too!  I think this is a pretty neat idea, don't you!

I have to say after visiting Sarah's shop, she has a passion for dangle earrings but then who doesn't?  Dangle earrings always make me feel young and sexy.  There is just something about the movement of the earrings against my skin that puts a spring in my step.  If the earrings are shiny and dangle, that is the perfect combination. 

 Well, enough about what makes me feels young.  Let me show you a couple of my favorites from Sarah's love of accessroies!

Whimsy Clear Heart

Aren't these earrings just lovely and I bet when the light hits them just right the sparkle is fabulous!

Twilight Eclipse Bella Swan

This is one of Sarah's famous upcycled aluminum soda pop tab bracelets trimmed with black ribbon.  Isn't this adorable?

Let's have a chat with Sarah.

1) Tell us something you want us to know about yourself
Hi! My name is Sarah. I’ve lived in Michigan the entire 27 years of my life. By day, I am a product engineer for a major office furniture company, designing custom products per clients requests. My husband and I are working on having our first child! It’s hasn’t come easy for us, so we’re undergoing fertility treatments right now. Hopefully we’ll be blessed with a little bundle of joy sometime soon! In my free time, I love to spend time with my husband, read (I’m part of my neighborhood book club), and make earrings (obviously)! You can get to know me more by following my blog .

2) How did you get started crafting and how long have you been doing it?
I’ve always been dabbling in random crafts for as long as I can remember. I always handmake greeting cards for birthdays (although mine aren’t nearly as good as I’ve seen in some of the Etsy shops!). Then, in March of 2010, I was looking for a more focused hobby, and decided to try making jewelry, because I love being able to wear a different pair of earrings every day! I started out pretty simple, but I continue to experiment with different, unique designs.

3) Where does the name of your shop come from?
My birthday is Valentine’s Day, so I love anything that has to do with pink/red, hearts, and LOVE! So that is where the “Love” part came from. And the “Accessory” part just happened to be a generic term for what I wanted to put in my shop. Right now, it consists of just earrings, but I’d love to be able to expand into other accessories, like purses, more jewelery, and hair clips!

4) Briefly describe what you make.
I can be very brief here: Earrings! :-)

5) What inspires and motives you to keep crafting?
I’m inspired by new clothes. If I happen to get a new outfit, or dig something out from the back of the closet, I want a new pair of earrings to match. I always try to make something that I can repeat, so if I fall in love with it, I can make a pair for myself! I don’t really need much more motivation to craft. I usually just craft whenever I’m in the mood. If I’m too busy and don’t get to it, I don’t feel bad, I know I’ll have a chance some other time!

6) Do you have a favorite piece or design that you make?


Teal Blue Green Czech Fire Polished

My favorite type of earrings I make are the 3-strand style. For example, this listing is one of my faves! 

Pale Blue Glass Bead Chain Dangle Drop Earrings

But my best seller are the chain dangle style, like those shown here  

7) What would you most want people to know about your work?

That I do it for fun, not for profit. I want everyone to be able to wear unique, but affordable earrings!

8) Where can people find you?




9) Is there anything else you want to share, a bit of advice or something you have learned since selling on Etsy that would benefit other sellers?
Ah! I’m terrible with advice! So, I will just say, Do what you love! If you don’t love it, don’t do it! :-)

Sarah, Thank you for letting us spend a little time with you!

Please visit Sarah's shop to see here latest creations!

Thanks for stopping by!
Hugs, Kim


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