Wednesday, August 25, 2010

♥.•*•Featured Treasure: CraftyLittleKitten•*•.♥

The first "Meet the Treasurers" interview features Becky of craftylittlekitten. Becky enjoys sewing crafty little creatures but can also be spotted with a crochet hook in her hand.

I first meet Becky when she joined in the fun of one of our Tag Games and you could tell right away that she loves kittens. I think crafting little kittens is one of her specialties.

(One of Becky's favorites)

One of my favorites is Precious.
Isn't she adorable?


Nutmeg is quite adorable , too!

Becky also creates holiday theme items.  Check out Hilda the Halloween Witch

Hilda the Halloween Witch

Candy Cane
(One of Becky's favorites)

It is time to meet the lady who makes all these wonderful creatures.

1)  Tell us a little something about yourself
My first name is Becky. I am a happily married lady who just loves cats!! My husband and I have no children but just one crazy cat. I have a regular job that the hours change weekly. (I hate it but it pays the bills).

2)  How did you get started crafting and how long have you been doing it?
My mom use to sew all the time. I use to help her in her sewing room and that got me started sewing. She and I decided that we were going to learn to crochet and knit so we taught each other. (We used a book for that). I taught myself flower arranging, plastic canvas, and all my other hobbies.

3)  Where does the name of your shop come from?

When I opened my shop we had just got a new kitten and I knew that I needed a "catchy" name for my shop. The kitty that we got was so young that where ever I went she was laying on my lap. She was always "interested" in what I was crafting. My husband one day said something like "such a cute crafty little kitten we have". Well it kinda stuck to me so when I opened up my shop it had to be craftylittlekitten. So it was kinda of a combination of me liking cats, my husbands words and our crazy cat.

4)  Briefly describe what you make
I love to crochet and sew. I make little kitty, doggies, etc for decorating and gift giving. As well as some crochet items. I love to be challenged. I can almost make anything just by looking at it.

5)  What inspires and motives you to keep crafting?
I am always thinking of my crafts. Sometimes I will just look at something and think that I can improve it or would love just to make it. My husband will sometimes challenge me too!

6)  Do you have a favorite piece or design that you make?
One of my favorites is my kitties that I make. I love to make them in any fabric.  (See the photos above.)Sometimes I have them hold something, sometimes not.

7)  What would you most want people to know about your work?
I love to make people happy. My pieces may be under priced but that is only because I love what I do and can't see taking advantage of someone. I know my pieces should be more but I just love what I do so why?

 8)  Where can people find you?!/Craftylittlekitten

9)  Is there anything else you want to share, a bit of advice or something you have learned since selling on Etsy that would benefit other sellers?
Etsy is an awesome site to find lots of crafting friends! I am so happy that I found this site and all the friends that I have.

Becky, Thank you for allowing us to learn a little something about you and inviting us to you shop!

Please visit Becky's shop soon!

Thanks for visiting our blog!
Hugs, Kim

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