Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet the Treasurers

The Thousand Thread Blog was recently created by a fellow member, Paula of UxCritter, to show off our weekly challenge listings.  Of course, the name of this weekly challenge is (drum roll) "The Weekly Challenge". 

 Here on the blog we vote for the color or theme of next weeks project.  For me, the weekly challenge is not so much to create, but to photograph and list a project each week.  Photography and descriptions are the two parts of on line selling that I struggle with consistently.

The one thing that I have not struggled with is making many new and wonderful friends.  There are currently 27 members on our thread.  So to help each of us become better acquainted, a list of nine questions has been given to each member.  Hopefully, every Thursday a random member from our thread will be interviewed and the interview posted here.  With a bit of luck, we will all learn new things about each other, our crafts, our shops, and the benefits of all will show in increased sales.

So set back, gave a beverage of your choice and prepare to be dazzled!!!

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